How I found wheatgrass juice.

I was 29 years old and had been drinking consistently for over 10 years.  Yes i even became a bartender because alcohol was free.  Anyway after this abuse i had a disassociation with my body.  We were not friends my body was something that was tough and could take it.  I would brag about how amazing the body was and how it has the ability to heal.  

     Well there came a time when the healing wasn't really happening and i became super sick.  No food for ten days, no water for 5, then was hospitalized for 14 days.  Life was rough i was helpless and that is not a cool feeling.  

     While in the hospital i spoke to my doctor and he asked how much salad do I eat, how much greens are in my diet?  I replied I don't like salad or anything green.  I eat cow and cow eats grass that is how i get my green nutrients.  I asked true correct.  He replied yes but only a small portion and its being filtered through a cow.  

      This brought an interesting realization to me, about eating more greens and the need for nutrients to my body.  While in the search of nutrients in a fast easy form, I was introduced to a wheatgrass juice shot.  It was a little rough so i would get with ginger added to help the taste.  

     After a while my body starting craving the wheatgrass juice shot, I noticed a difference in energy, focus and just feeling good.  Ergo GrassOntheGo, this stuff is so good everyone needs wheatgrass juice in there life.  

     My goal was get the best wheatgrass and to find a way to preserve the wheatgrass and make the taste better.  I found that the best grass can only be personally grown.  I found flash freezing can preserve the wheatgrass for up to a year.  I found the roots added make the wheatgrass taste sweeter and is more nutrient enriched. We use a hydro soil growing method.  The best medium to grow in is soil for root structure and nutrient uptake, and hydroponically grow out the root structure.  This give the ability to juice the blades with the roots together and get a sweet tasting, nutrient dense juice.

     We are able to juice with a commercial wheatgrass juicer, single auger, slow rpm then immediately packaged and flash frozen in individual pouches.  Now I along with so many others my family and friends included can enjoy wheatgrass on a daily basis without having to go to a Juice Bar.  Saving time, gas, money and getting a better quality juice at the same time.  Yes, they thank me all the time for making the wheatgrass taste so good and introducing them to it.