We start with certified organic hard winter wheat seeds. We then soak, sprout, and plant the seed, all in an almost lab like environment. We grow indoors, not outdoors which is susceptible to pests, airborne and water contaminants. We use a combination of hydroponics and soil based growing. Soil is a natural substrate, vital for proper root propagation, and consistent nutrient uptake. The hydroponics involved, create a thick root mass which permeates the soil. This root mass is filled with various nutrients not included in the blades. We feed the young seedlings with a combination of fertilizers, including Ocean Grown Solutions , Azomite for trace minerals.

 We feed our plants highly enriched oxygenated water this method not only increases the nutrient uptake of the wheatgrass, but also produces a higher quality, higher yield of wheatgrass. Combined with artificial sunlight in a UVC filtered air environment kept at controlled temperature and humidity level provides optimum conditions GrassOntheGo’s planting process.


We cut our grass on the eighth to ninth day, which is considered the most optimum time due to the level of nutrients. The root mass is also stripped and combined with the grass blades. We then immediately pour in .75 oz containers this is our equivalency to 1 oz of average wheatgrass juice, without roots. Each shot then enters our flash freezing process.  When completed whole process from growing to frozen GrassShot takes between 10-15 minutes. 


The Big One commercial wheatgrass juicer is a single auger centrifigal juicer which juices at low rpm to insure the best quality.  We then immediately pour into our packaging machine, which packages in portioned .75 oz packages.  The wheatgrass shot is then placed in a blast freezer at -45 degrees this ensures the wheatgrass is Flash Frozen to allow for once thawed a reanimation as if the grass was just juiced within 15 to 20 minutes ago.


Everything is included to assure the product is frozen upon arrival.  Everything includes the insulated packaging, ice packs with dry ice shipped hand counted and packaged then shipped from Fed Ex facility located in Houston, Texas on Mondays and/or Tuesdays.  Once shipped you will receive a tracking number, to follow your grass across the country.