Wheatgrass Shots
Why Our Shots Are The Best!

Grass On The Go has created wheatgrass in an easy to take portable form. Through flash freezing nutrients are locked in as if juiced minutes before hand. This freezing causes portability with no degradation, as long as items maintain frozen. Never before has such a combination of technology with the science of farming been joined to create a truly exceptional wheatgrass juice.

In order to avoid the chore and time involved in growing and juicing their own grass, many people have resorted to various processed forms of wheatgrass; pills, powders, and gel capsules. Until recently these forms were the only alternative to getting the natural effects of frozen wheatgrass juice. Those days are finally behind us!

The wheatgrass we supply is grown with the aid of modern technology which allows for the creation of the perfect environment. With proper light quality, frequency of sound, uvc filtered air, in a heated contaminant free soil, along combinations of various fertilizers for maximum nutrient potential, allows Grass On The Go to be the future leader in organic wheatgrass products.

Benefits Of Wheatgrass
Did You Know?

  • Wheatgrass helps to detoxify dangerous metals from the blood stream.
  • All blood cells take in oxygen and nutrients while giving out toxic waste. If this process is altered serious and irreparable damage can be done to the body. This is one of the most important benefits of wheatgrass.
  • Serious ailments like diabetes and coronary diseases can be prevented by wheatgrass. It also helps women to go through their menopausal years smoothly.
  • Consumption of wheatgrass helps to maintain the alkaline levels of the body and so in turn helps to oxygenate the cells and rid them of their toxic wastes.
  • Wheatgrass also helps to keep the liver healthy and functioning smoothly. Its nutrients help to cleanse the liver of all the toxins in it. Consuming wheatgrass will increase the life of your liver many times over.
  • Wheatgrass has cosmetic effects as well. Having wheatgrass regularity will make you hair shine and your skin glow.